Now Available! Wage Theft Prevention Act Podcast


Wage Theft Prevention Act in
effect April 9, 2011 -


The home care industry has seen an explosion of wage and hour litigation over recent years. The potential cost of litigating class and collective action lawsuits can often result in “bet the store” type litigation. This podcast will discuss wage and hour issues commonly associated with these lawsuits to help identify and prevent these mistakes.

Covered in this Podcast:

  • New dual-language notice requirements required at time of hire and annually thereafter;
  • New content requirements for employee pay stubs and new record keeping requirements;
  • New employer liability and enhanced penalties for "wage and hour" violations, including 100% liquidated damages (i.e. double damages for violations);
  • New employer liabilities and penalties for retaliation against employees;
  • New powers granted to the NYS Department of Labor;
  • Practical strategies for achieving compliance.


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