Home Care Coordinator Workshop Coming April 12

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Home Care Coordinator Workshop

April 12, 2016, The Desmond Hotel, Albany, NY

Presented by Andrea Brown, RN

Sponsored by Sandata

The role of coordinators and schedulers is essential for all home care agencies and can be critically important in increasing customer satisfaction. In this workshop, coordinators and schedulers will receive hands-on training about effectively managing day-to-day coordination challenges and strategies for accommodating caseloads with enough flexibility to deal with the unforeseen challenges that can happen every day.

Coordinators/schedulers will build core coordinator skills, learn how to reduce stress in scheduling and develop effective coverage strategies.

They will also learn:

• Efficient tracking of changing available service hours

• Tools for producing efficient schedules

• Performance improvement skills

• Tips to problem solve service delivery obstacles

• How to build replacement resources

• How to increase customer satisfaction

• How to reduce overtime

• Strategies for dealing with difficult people

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