CHC is committed to its mission of providing high quality, affordable training and education for the home care industry as well as offering higher level education in management, business strategies, leadership, marketing and other professional and clinical areas.

Educational Programs

CHC was founded in 1989 because there was an increasing need for high quality educational programs for the home care industry as well as a need for grant funding that would support educational programs, industry research and demonstration projects.
One of CHC’s first programs in the early 1990s was the Home Care Management Institute, a five part, onsite program delivered in various locations across New York State that helped providers comply with the State’s new licensing requirements. This program was the only program of its kind devoted to Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs).   One of CHC's most popular program, today this program has evolved into two onsite programs, LHCSA 101 and LHCSA 501.
With the introduction of Managed Care in the 1990s, CHC was a true innovator, presenting a series of cutting-edge national programs by well-known experts about various aspects of Managed Care. CHC was the first organization to develop this type of national home care education and drew large audiences from California to New York.  In the 2000s, CHC recognized the need for innovative, affordable education through new technologies, and it expanded its distance learning options to include audio programs, podcasts, Webinars and video-streaming programs.  Today, CHC continues offering providers a wide variety of formats for high quality education and training programs that draw audiences from across the State.  

CHC also develops and presents the HCP Annual Management Conference & Exhibition every year in October, which is known as the premier conference for home care providers in New York State.  Offered every year in October, CHC brings together nationally known speakers, industry experts and consultants that offer the latest information, analysis and perspectives to providers in the changing landscape of the home care industry.


CHC has always recognized the need to pursue grants to expand its home care education opportunities and research about the industry. Over the years, CHC has secured numerous grants, including funding for the development of its first website; paraprofessional training programs; funding from the Cardinal Health Foundation to translate paraprofessional programs into Spanish and Russian; Federal funding for a telemedicine program; a grant from the New York Health Foundation to support home care worker retention; and over tens years of grants from the New York State Department of Health for Emergency Preparedness for the home care industry.