For over ten years, CHC has been awarded a grant from the New York State Department of Health (DOH) Office of Health Emergency Preparedness (OHEP) related to helping the home care industry prepare for emergencies.  The grant focuses on the following areas:

1.  Coalition Member Training Needs Assessment - CHC will support efforts to inform and encourage home care providers to complete a DOH survey on their training needs in terms of emergency preparedness.

2.  Coalition Building Activities 
- CHC participates in regional HEPC meetings throughout the year across the State that cover a variety of emergency preparedness topics. CHC encourages providers to participate in local HEPC meetings and also attends HEPC meetings to ensure that home care is included in the discussions. Click here for more information on HEPC meetings in your region.

3.  Interoperable Communications Drills
 - CHC will assist in designing communications drills in collaboration with other health care sectors, distribute information to providers, conduct a webinar on the drill for home care providers, and participate in post-drill assessments. 

  • Click here to view the Department of Health Office of Health Emergency Preparedness presentation, Emergency Preparedness Exercises 101.     
  • Click here to view the Department of Health Office of Health Emergency Preparedness presentation, Writing an After Action Report.     

4Local engagement initiative - this initiative involves bringing together home care agencies, Offices of Emergency Management (OEM) and local health departments (LHDs) for in-person meetings to discuss challenges and roles and responsibilities in emergency preparedness.  In past grant years, these meetings have been conducted in Western New York and the Capital District Regions.  In this grant year, the meetings will take place in Central New York and the Lower Hudson Valley regions.

5. Home Care Emergency Preparedness Toolkit - The Emergency Preparedness Toolkit consists of a collection of resources that home care agencies can give to patients and their families to encourage them to create their own emergency preparedness plans.  To access the Toolkit, visit the HCS website and go to: My Content --> Documents by Group --> View All Documents --> Long Term Care --> Preparedness --> Patient and Family Emergency Preparedness Toolkit.   You can also access the Toolkit sections by clicking here.   NEW 

6. The Health Commerce System - The Health Commerce System (HCS) is used by DOH to communicate important and time-sensitive information to health care providers. DOH regulations require home care providers to keep HCS information up-to-date to optimize communications during emergencies.

Other Resources

NYC Flood Hazard Mapper
Use this tool, developed by the City of New York, to better understand the likelihood of flooding in certain areas of New York City.  This source includes information about current and future flood hazard projections. 

Dear Administrator Letter: Emergency Preparedness Requirements for Home Care and Hospice Providers 
The purpose of this Dear Administrator Letter (DAL)  is to provide guidance to Certified Home Health Agencies (CHHAs), Long Term Home Health Care Programs (LTHHCPs), Hospices, and Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs), (agencies) in emergency preparedness requirements and guidance in developing an emergency preparedness plan.

Emergency Preparedness Slideshow Presentation for Home Care Providers
This informative slideshow provides detailed information on emergency preparedness initiatives, best practices and regulations,  specifically tailored for New York home care and hospice providers. This slideshow was presented at the Long Island Emergency Preparedness Networking session, an opportunity for home-based providers and county representatives to exchange critical information related to preparedness and response in support of the care and protection of individuals living at home in emergencies.