Edna A. Lauterbach Scholarship

The Edna A. Lauterbach Scholarship is available every Spring for New York State Registered Nurses (RNs) or Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) who are planning to further their career in home and community-based care. Applicants for the scholarship must currently hold an RN or LPN from New York State to be eligible for consideration. Applicants are asked to write an essay to explain why they would like to pursue a career in home and community-based care and how they plan to achieve that goal through educational or entrepreneurial means. Scholarship funds may be used for tuition, books, specialty training and education, and other education-related expenses.

Scholarship applications are reviewed and assessed by the Edna A. Lauterbach Scholarship Committee, which consists of leaders from the home care industry.

2017 Committee members:
  • Karen Clark, Home Health Care Partners 
  • Kathy Liddell, North Country Home Services
  • Mary Lorthioir, All Metro Health Care
  • Aisha Lucas, Fedcap Home Care Services
  • Mary Winters, RegionCare, Inc.
  • Claudia Hammar, NYS Association of Health Care Providers (HCP)

Scholarship Donations

The Scholarship also accepts donations from those that would like to support and encourage New York State nurses to pursue careers in home and community-based care.  Click here to download the Scholarship Donation form. 

Edna A. Lauterbach was a nurse and respected leader in the home care community who believed that skilled nurses are essential to home care. Ms. Lauterbach, who spent her career in home care and was President of two home care agencies in Newburgh, NY, believed nurses and nursing skills were critical to home care, and she encouraged young people to pursue a career in home care through the nursing profession. As an entrepreneur, she felt her limited formal education in business put her at a disadvantage as her career developed.

The Edna A. Lauterbach Scholarship Fund, created in her memory, is supported by the Community Health Care Services Foundation (CHC), and was designed to encourage New York nurses to further their education to enable them to build their careers in home and community-based care to support the needs of aging New Yorkers who want to remain in their homes and community.


Applications are accepted every year from early March through the end of May, and the Scholarship is awarded in August in time for the fall semester.  The Scholarship is officially presented to the recipient(s) at the Annual Awards Luncheon at the HCP Annual Management Conference & Exhibition that is held in October every year.