Best practices for working with a VO Download
Best practices for working with a VO Download
Home Care Pre-Claim Review Revised Requirements:
Best practices for working with a VO - 60 minutes. Implementing a VO can be an extremely involved endeavor that
a provider should prepare for far in advance of being notified by
OMIG. For those not required to comply with the pre-claim
review process, using a VO or similar services is a great way to
assure compliance, and mitigate the risk of fraud and abuse.
Attend this webinar to make sure your agency is prepared
This webinar will review the 2014 Amendments to Chapter 59 of the Laws
of 2011, as it pertains to the use of VOs; show you how to determine if your agency is a "Participating Provider"; detail the requirements of a VO;demonstrate different ways a VO may be implemented; and discuss the process of implementation including:
duration, cost, longevity, risk mitigation, process
interruption and, ongoing efficiency.
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