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Proposed LHCSA CON Regulations: What You Need to Know - 60 minutes. On November 6, 2019, the New York State Department of Health (DOH) issued a proposed regulation to implement changes to the application review and Certificate of Need (CON) process for licensed home care services agencies (LHCSAs) to include information on the public need for additional LHCSAs and the financial resources of the proposed agency, in addition to the existing character and competence review. The proposed regulation includes provisions that impact LHCSA applications for initial establishment and changes of ownership. In addition, as part of the public comment process, it will be important to clarify whether the proposed regulation is intended to include new requirements for existing LHCSAs seeking to amend their licenses. This webinar will provide background on the proposed regulation and its relation to the current LHCSA moratorium, an overview of the changes proposed, and a suggested approach to preparing comments to best position your organization. Public comment on the proposed regulation will be received for 60 days (expiring January 5, 2020).
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