Managed Long Term Care VBP Contracting Download
Learn about the types of value based payment (VBP) contracting available for long term care providers and gain insight into how best to navigate participation in VBP. New York State’s Medicaid program has an overall goal of moving towards VBP. This general shift towards VBP combined with the substantial regulatory changes occurring in the home care industry and the incentivizing of consolidation among agencies means that many agencies and new entities will be contracting with managed care plans. This presentation will guide agencies as they navigate the complex landscape of value based contracting by providing them with concrete, actionable tips to help them maximize their managed care plan contracts and navigate the shift towards VBP. Among the topics to be addressed are value based contracting generally and in the MLTC setting, the shift toward Level 2 Requirements for Partially Capitated MLTC and maximizing contracts with Medicaid Advantage and Medicaid Advantage Plus plans.
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