Reduce Skyrocketing Workers' Compensation Premiums Download

Reduce Skyrocketing Workers' Compensation Premiums Download
How to Reduce Skyrocketing Workers' Compensation Premiums - 60 minutes. Over the past four years, Workers' Compensation premiums for home health care workers have more than doubled in New York. These rising costs are a heavy burden for your agency, and can impact the future delivery of patient care. In this webinar, learn why the cost of Workers' Compensation for home health care agencies is skyrocketing and learn proven strategies that can dramatically reduce premium costs. Presented by Workers' Compensation industry experts, this program will demonstrate Workers' Compensations strategies that should be enacted before, during, and after an incident occurs. Program Objectives:
Understand the unique challenges of the home health care industry, Improve your bottom line through proven strategies, Learn how to implement safety as the solution, Review claims best practices, See how to prevent fraud, Learn everything you want to know, or not, about your audit, Understand your experience modification and how it affects your premium. Presented by The Friedlander Group. Recorded June 14, 2017.
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