(Albany, NY) November is National Home Care and Hospice Month, and throughout the month, the New York State Association of Health Care Providers, Inc. (HCP) and its members will be sharing the value and importance of home care and the many contributions of dedicated caregivers.

Each year, thousands of Americans reach the age of retirement and begin to think about long term care. Home care is a viable and cost-effective solution for aging adults who need health care and can receive care in the comfort and safety of their own homes. In addition to seniors, home care agencies provide essential health care services to a wide range of people, including postsurgical patients; people with disabilities; those with chronic diseases; new mothers and their babies; and pediatric long-term care patients.

Home care workers are essential for the delivery of high-quality care in the home and are relied upon by many individuals for everyday living activities such as shopping, moving around their house, bathing, laundry, cooking, and other daily activities that others often take for granted. In New York City alone, home health care aides account for nearly 130,000 workers, making them the city’s single largest occupational group. Home health care aides also make up roughly 80% of the paid hands-on care for people living with age related and other disabilities. This makes home health care workers vitally important to New York’s most vulnerable populations.

Being a home health care worker takes compassion, sacrifice, a good work ethic, and never-ending amounts of patience and empathy. This year, over 130 home health aides were recognized by HCP and its member home care agencies for their exemplary care as the Class of 2018 Heroes in the Home ™, HCP’s Statewide Caregiver Recognition Program. Throughout the month of November, HCP will be acknowledging these caregivers and the outstanding care they provide in our weekly newsletter, the HCP Insider. HCP will also share stories of exceptional caregivers and their work on social media.

Home care workers make a tremendous difference every day in the lives of tens of thousands of consumers and their families across the New York State, and HCP is proud to recognize their contributions during National Home Care and Hospice Month.

Consumers seeking information about home care services and local caregiver resources can visit www.HomeCareInfo.org.


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