Beryl Effects Barrel Into New York

New Yorkers are urged to be on high alert as what’s left of Hurricane Beryl hits our region. Heavy rain is expected this afternoon, Wednesday, July 10, and could continue through the overnight hours into Thursday.

The storm is moving west to east; Buffalo can expect the bad weather to begin around 2:00pm today. The rough conditions will reach the Capital District later tonight and continue into the morning hours in Albany and the Hudson Valley.

Western NY, the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Central New York, Mohawk Valley, Mid-Hudson, Capital Region, and the North Country may experience excessive rainfall that triggers flash flooding. The North Country is at highest risk for flash floods, as experts predict more than four inches of rain falling in a very short time in this area.

Note that severe weather is possible for ALL regions of New York. Thunderstorms, strong winds, and hail are possible. Power outages, falling limbs, and downed trees can make travel hazardous. Infrastructure damage is not out of the question with this strong system. Damaging winds can lead to tornado formation.

HCP Support

HCP urges all providers to monitor local forecasts, inform staff and patients, and prepare vehicles and households for these weather events. Use extreme caution when traveling, as roadways may be flooded, and bridges can be damaged. NEVER drive through standing water.

HCP encourages you to sign up for NY Alert, the state’s Mass Notification System to warn citizens in a timely manner of emergencies and provide other critical information. Alerts can be delivered via email or mobile device.

New York weather systems can be highly regionalized, and all providers are urged to monitor local weather forecasts and alerts from a reliable source like the National Weather Service (NWS). Check the NWS’ local warnings and alerts frequently. Be sure to keep staff informed, especially your workers in the field.

Share emergency preparedness information with your patients whenever bad weather is a threat. HCP’s video series for home care patients are a quick, easy way for your vulnerable individuals to prepare and react to this storm.