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Community Health Care Services Foundation, Inc. (CHC) is a 501(c)(3) research and education foundation that delivers a wide variety of affordable educational programs that benefit all types of home care employees including owners, administrators, manager, clinicians and paraprofessionals. From low-cost webinars to affordable multiple-day events and programs, CHC offers variety, quality and value. CHC also receives grants that enhance its ability to provide information and resources to the home care community.

Latest Events

Building & Advancing Clinical Leadership

Essential Education for Directors of Patient Services, Supervisors and Managers of New York State Home Care Agencies

Regulations and standards are changing at warp speed, and existing leadership skill sets are often challenged in order to successfully navigate this sea of change. How do New York State providers continue to refine the skill sets of their clinical leadership team to meet the demands of a transforming health care industry to continue providing vital care and services to New York State residents? Register now to attend this in-depth four part webinar series that is designed to identify, detail and refine the knowledge and skill sets required for clinical leadership for New York State home care providers.

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Survey Readiness Updates for Licensed Home Care Services

The New York State Department of Health continues to update Survey protocols for Licensed Home Care Services Agencies (LHCSAs) to ensure compliance with critical Federal and State regulatory mandates. So how have New York State Surveys changed these past few years? What drives the Survey changes and how should you prepare to meet the challenges of Surveys? Download this webinar to get important information and learn how you can proactively prepare to meet changing Survey requirements! 

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