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Release Date:
March 14, 2024

New York State Association of Health Care Providers Applauds Legislative Actions in Support of Home Care Industry

Albany, NY – March 14, 2024 – The New York State Association of Health Care Providers, Inc. (HCP) applauds the recent budget actions taken by the Assembly and Senate which address areas of deep concern to the home care industry within the Executive Budget Proposal and related 30-day amendments.

The budget bills introduced, including Assembly and Senate Aid to Localities (A8803-B / S8303-B) and Health and Mental Hygiene Article VII (A8807-B / S8307-B), mark a significant step forward in safeguarding the interests of home care agencies and the individuals they serve.

“In a tough budget year, we were very pleased to see that the legislature included a 3% across-the-board Medicaid rate increase,” said HCP President and CEO Kathy Febraio. “It’s a good start. Budgets have been tough in home care for more than a decade,” she continued. “Our agencies’ operational expenses have skyrocketed, and we have not had the benefit of more significant rate increases like institutional settings have.”

“While we recognize the positive strides made in these bills, there is still work to be done,” continued Febraio. “We urge a more significant increase of at least 10% in funding for home care agencies to guarantee accessibility to care for vulnerable populations.”

HCP further advocates for the inclusion of A7335 (Paulin) / S6963 (Rivera) in the budget to help ensure fair reimbursement for home care providers from private insurers. “The elements of this bill are crucial to any reforms to the Medicaid payor structure,” emphasized Febraio. “It establishes transparent reimbursement rates, regional minimum hourly base rates, and annual adjustments to reflect industry trends, providing much-needed stability to home care agencies.”

Among other measures included in the legislative budget proposals, HCP commends the decision to reject several proposals related to the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) which would have taken Worker Wage Parity benefits from workers in the program, and imposed authorization processes for Fiscal Intermediaries.

HCP also welcomes the pivotal changes to the audit report procedures of the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General (OMIG), as delineated in S5239-C (Harckham) / A6813-B (Paulin), demonstrating a dedication to fairness and procedural integrity. The association recognizes the substantial influence of these reforms in promoting equitable treatment and mitigating the onerous audit procedures encountered by home care agencies. Additionally, the dismissal of the governor’s proposed amendments to PHL 2805-x and the community paramedicine program underscores a commitment to upholding standards of quality care.

In conclusion, HCP reaffirms its support for the Assembly and Senate bills, recognizing their role in rectifying detrimental proposals and advancing equitable policies in the home care sector. HCP remains dedicated to collaborative efforts aimed at fostering a thriving and sustainable home care industry.

About HCP: The New York State Association of Health Care Providers, Inc. (HCP) is a leading advocate for the home care industry, shaping its future through advocacy, information, and education. Committed to setting high standards for quality and cost-effective care, HCP influences the future of the home care industry and leads the industry in adapting, evolving, and thriving in a changing health care environment.