Prepare for Extreme Heat, Severe Storms

June 17, 2024: Governor Hochul has warned New Yorkers to prepare for severe weather and several days of extreme heat and high humidity next week across the state.

Governor Hochul has advised all New Yorkers to brace for several days of extreme heat starting today and lasting through the week. Heat and humidity are expected to rise across the state. “Feels like” temperatures are forecasted to exceed 100 degrees on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Information for Health Care Providers

Health care providers, including home and community-based services organizations, should anticipate and prepare for an increase in heat-related illnesses and complications among vulnerable populations. Most heat-related illness sufferers do not have (or don’t use) air conditioners and succumb in their own homes.

Agencies and providers are strongly urged to contact their caregivers and most vulnerable patients to raise awareness and advise them to stay cool and hydrated. Be vigilant in monitoring for symptoms of possible heat-related illnesses such as dehydration, heat cramps/exhaustion/stroke, and complications from heart and lung disease.

Check on high-risk patients as often as possible between home care visits. Monitor weather conditions daily to keep workers informed, and be sure caregivers keep patients informed of weather alerts at each shift.

Instruct patients and caregivers to use home air conditioners or seek cooling centers or locations that are air-conditioned such as a mall, library, or supermarket. For those in New York City, go to NYC Cool Options. The Department of Health (DOH/the Department) has additional resources on its Extreme Heat Advice webpage.

Unless medically contraindicated, advise staff and patients to increase fluid intake during hot weather. Clinicians may recommend self-monitoring of hydration (e.g., body weight measurements) for those with health conditions or medications affecting fluid or electrolyte imbalances. High water-content foods are also encouraged such as cucumbers, most leafy greens, celery, tomatoes, and of course, watermelon.

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