NYC: Expect Traffic and Bus Delays

HCP urges home care providers to alert workers to the possibility of major traffic delays and disrupted bus service in Manhattan during the UN General Assembly. Dignitaries will begin arriving the weekend of September 16-17, and the Assembly will close on September 26, 2023.

Road closures will occur mainly near the UN Buildings, but will likely affect traffic patterns throughout the borough. Dinner hours in the evening could bring particular delays.

Much of Manhattan will be controlled zones, and traffic will frequently slow to 4 MPH. Midtown will have lane restrictions from 42nd to 57th Streets, and from First to Fifth Avenues. Subway service is not expected to be affected.

Also note that heightened security throughout the city will be noticeable as dignitaries travel to and from the meetings, often accompanied by motorcades. Extra NYPD officers will be deployed from 34th to 65th Streets, and from First to Seventh Avenue. Police presence could be alarming to those unaware of the event, so it’s important for New Yorkers to understand that this is a normal procedure.